Our First-Party Studios

From what started with a Game Designer + Developer duo and a small R&D budget, we then bring in additional talent and build fantastic teams around those same creatives who first prototyped the original game concepts. 

As a project enters production, some roles work across multiple teams, where others are more specialised and focused on just one team’s roadmap.  

The CHAOS PUNKS team will release their first game SPACE PROBE on iOS and Android platforms before porting to an awesome handheld console you may have already heard of. 

Primarily focused on family-friendly casual titles, the AD-DAD team are working on a physical card game for pre-schoolers with an iOS and Android version launching alongside it. 

We’re very excited to soon announce ONE FALL’s first title. Stay tuned to our social feeds to be the first to know what we’ve been up to! 

Searching for Third-Party Studios

We’re currently in discussion with some small but fantastic development teams, with a view to potentially publish their games in the future.

We can’t wait to announce our first partnership soon! 

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