Launching soon on iOS, followed by Android and ███████!

We’ve just relaunched our site and will be updating this page shortly…
…and no, we’ve not announced future platforms yet – Sorry!

Check out the official mini-comic

We love making comics and games, so here’s a comic about our first game, SPACE PROBE.

Join Captian Clea as she gives you, the player, a tour of the ship and gives you the backstory to the game. 

We’ve also included concept art and development and design notes from origional creatives at the dev studio!

Check us out in the Comic Village area of MCM London Comic Com each May and October to grab a mini-comic and play our games with the team!

An example of the awesome extra content you’ll find at the back of the SPACE PROBE : INSTRUCTION MANUAL Mini-Comic

Duncan took some of themore common creatures from the first zone and worked his trademark Mega Drive era magic to create some fantastic painted artwork for SPACE PROBE’s loading screen and box art. He also did the same with Kelly’s comic version of Captain Clea, giving our hero an authentic ‘90s retro makeover!

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