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16-year-old Orion has a little trouble telling what’s real, and what’s not. Either way, things are about to get interesting. He’s just signed up to audition for a role as a ‘Sunsetter’, as part of a secret intergalactic rejuvenation project.

Not that he remembers that – He’s had his memory wiped as part of the process.

Each issue of Project Autumn is a collaboration between creatives who exhibit within MCM Comic Con’s Comic Village area. Alongside Orion’s epic story,we aim to explore the depth of talent on offer in the Comic Village.

Much like this story, a real-world visit to the Comic Village will haveyou feeling like you’re leaping between fantastical worlds. Why? Each world featured in the series is drawn by a different artist!

Comic Village Artists

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Featured Artists

Emma Vieceli


Phil Buckenham

Sonia Leong


Daniela Attard


Nich Angell


Davy Shirley


Matt Dyson


Lynne Triplett


Ade Brown


Nikki Stu

Yishan Li


Issues 2 and 3 will feature more artists! Stay tuned to our social feeds to be the first to find out when they are announced!


Adam-James Foulkes

Adam-James discovered Comic Village while working at Nickelodeon – Seeing row after row of amazing independent talent, telling their own unique stories outside of a corporate umbrella, was just the push he needed to start BRAMBLETYNE Ltd and publish the company’s first comic book series FAR FROM FAITH.

Then when first exhibiting at MCM London within Comic Village, the idea of having a single character that could jump between the worlds that surrounded the BRAMBLETYNE stand, started to come to life.

It was important to A-J that each artist could at some point be physically found within Comic Village, to not only make the book a celebration of the talent that can be found there, but to also act as a great starting point for new readers to discover their new favourite independent artists. 


Team MCM are hooked – 1 story, 10 artists! Check out Project Autumn from @BRAMBLETYNE and members of the @ComicVillage

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