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BRAMBLETYNE’s first published product was revealed as FAR FROM FAITH, a three issue comic mini-series, just in time for London’s MCM Comic Con in Oct 2013. The project was successfully funded via Kickstarter three weeks into the month long campaign, with the Kickstarter Limited Edition of issue #1 being sent to backers in May 2014. 

With each book taking around six months to create, we announced the release date of June 1st 2015 for Issues #2 and 3 during the BRAMBLETYNE hosted ‘Comic Village Celebration’ panel at London MCM Comic Con in May 2015.

Issue One

Retail Edition

Issue Two

Retail Edition

Issue Three

Retail Edition

Issue Two

Kickstarter Limited Edition

Issue One

MCM Comic Con Exclusive Edition


Lynne Triplett

There are over 90 pages of Lynne Triplett’s fantastic artwork within the three issues of FAR FROM FAITH that make up Chapter One. 

Lynne didn’t just lay out the every single panel, then work on all the digital pencils, inks & shading herself, she also worked closely with Adam-James Foulkes on the initial character designs, helping him realise his dream of seeing the script come to life.


Adam-James Foulkes

As a huge comic book fan since childhood, Adam-James wanted his first comic series FAR FROM FAITH to be printed to the very same specs as the latest imported issues he picked up weekly at his local store.

With small-press UK publishers opting for digital print and EU paper sizes, Adam-James decided to go ahead and set up his own publishing company to get the job done properly. 

Needing to print thousands of copies to offset the lithographic print costs, A-J decided to head to Kickstarter to secure the funding needed for the first print run. 

The project was over-funded, and we’ve printed to this high quality standard ever since!

The series has been so well received, and although the story within Chapter One’s three issues wraps up nicely, we’re always being asked what’s next for FFF. Adam-James is looking forward to announcing more on this soon! 

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